April 10, 2012

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More than just a game
Chicago Maroon - by Supriya Sinhababu
Lonnie Richardson of Southside Together Organizing for Power feels that displacement is already alive and well in the neighborhoods surrounding Washington Park. He sees the Olympics as a threat to the already low supply of low-income housing, which he said has not been adequately addressed in his 40 years on the South Side...

Youth want school at Audy Home re-opened
Chicago Defender - by Kathy Chaney
Residents at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center said they are suffering academically due to the closing of the school at the center because of a lack of security guards, and want it re-opened...

Youth Protest Conditions at Juvenile Center
CBS2 Chicago - February 29th, 2008
CHICAGO (CBS) Conditions at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center are drawing fire from critics. A youth activist group led a demonstration ...

Woodlawn apartment complex has new management
Chicago Public Radio - January 17th, 2008
"Residents of an affordable housing complex in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood [Grove Parc] are declaring a small victory in their struggle to keep their complex from being shut down. The U.S. Housing and Urban development has wanted to foreclose the property and give tenants vouchers to move elsewhere, but residents resisted."

Grim Proving Ground for Obama Housing PolicyBoston Globe - January 17th, 2008
This major national news article mis-represents the case of Grove Parc for the purposes of a one-sided political attack. Please read the response from the Grove Parc Tenants Association posted on our home page and read the below history of articles to gain a better understanding of the complex and the history of the struggle around it.

Grove Parc Tenants Achieve Major Victory
Fight Back News - February, 2008
"Tenants at Grove Parc Plaza Apartments, which sits in the shadows of the University of Chicago and the proposed site for the 2016 Olympic Stadium, have achieved a major victory in the struggle to stop their community of over 400 hard-working black families from being displaced. Since HUD threatened in 2006 to send Grove Parc to foreclosure because of failed inspections, tenants have been organizing to keep all 504 units subsidized and in the community."

Woodlawn residents fighting move - Sit-In Protests Foreclosure
Chicago Tribune - November 20, 2007
Article from front page of Tribune Metro section following Grove Parc Tenants Association's sit-in at HUD headquarters in Chicago, a climactic and pivotal action in one of STOP's most important campaigns. Grove Parc Today, Tommorow it Will Be You
Labor Beat Radio - November 23, 2007
Labor Beat Radio's coverage of the rally taking place outside the Grove Parc sit-in showing footage from just after the people arrested at the sit-in were released outside the HUD building.

Land and Values in Woodlawn
Chicago Public Radio - October 13, 2007
A feature on Chicago Public Radio's 848 program about the history of Grove Parc and the struggle over its future.

Future Still Uncertain at Grove ParcChicago Public Radio - September 12, 2007
"I want to see the homes preserved, I don't want to see people being dislocated." An update from the struggle around the time that residents brought in Preservation Of Affordable Housing (POAH) to carry out their own plan to turn around the complex while keeping it subsdized.

Tenant Disappointment in WoodlawnChicago Public Radio - September 7, 2007
A radio news update right after HUD announced that it was reccomending foreclosure and demolition - the decision that would ultimately spark the tenant sit-in.

Chicago Residents Fight to Keep Low-Income Housing
Chicago Public Radio - May 23, 2007
"'Housing is a human right... and we won't go without a fight' Residents of a low-income Chicago apartment complex gathered today to demand the property be kept subsidized."

Grove Parc Tenants Say Loud and Clear: We won't Go!
Fight Back News - United States - September 2007
An article from 2007 about the Grove Parc Tenants Association's Hands Around Grove Parc action.

National HUD Action WorkshopPortlant Organizing to Win Employment Rights - June/July 2007
This historic workshop at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta was a major catalyst in national energies and collaborations to save and expand public and subsidized housing and ensure the Human Rights to Housing for all.

Chicago Residents Join Rally to Save Atlanta Public HousingAtlanta Progressive News - June 27, 2007
An article on our solidarity action during the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta against the demolition of Atlanta's public housing - one of the first collaborative national actions in the growing movement against the loss of public and subsidized housing.

Grove Parc Residents a Step Closer to Losing their HomesChicago Defender - United States - June 2007
An article from June 2007 featuring Faith McGhee of the Grove Parc Tenants Association, quoted saying, "But this is a worldwide situation... Black families are being pushed out and we need to stand up and fight."

Grove Parc Residents Urge Univ. of Chicago to Help Save their Homes
Chicago Defender - United States - May 2007
Recognizing the influence the University of Chicago has in development decisions in the area, Grove Parc tenants marched to demand the U of C clearly committ to a zero displacement policy and not stand on the fence when it comes to threatened racial displacement.

Grove Parc Residents Fight Back
South Street Journal - United States - April 2007
"Residents of Grove Parc apartments came from far and wide and marched down 63rd and Cottage... sporting signs that read 'Save our homes' along with chants from the crowd that had gathered to march roared out in unity 'Housing is a Human Right!'"

Grove Parc Residents Fight to Save UnitsHyde Park Citizen - United States - February 2007
An early article from one of the first public actions in the Grove Parc campaign when residents rallied at the complex then took a bus to city hall to ask the Department of Housing to intervene in support of the residents.

Woodlawn Residents March to Keep Homes: Mixed income plan would force out many Chicago Tribune - United States - February 2007
An early article from one of the first public actions in the Grove Parc campaign when residents rallied at the complex then took a bus to city hall to ask the Department of Housing to intervene in support of the residents.

Corruption at HUD helps push poor people of color out of ChicagoPeople's Tribune - February 2007
"HUD's neglect of our communities is akin to the travesty and injustice that the people of New Orleans suffered from Katrina. Their inability to do anything has devastated our communities just as government inaction during Katrina devastated New Orleans."

Protests at Chicago HUD office forces negotiations with Midwest director
People's Tribune - February 2007
"We showed HUD we mean business. Mr. Galvan shouldn't worry about the bus we brought down, he should worry about the next time, when their will be buses if our issues aren't resolved... This is until people's housing needs are met. We have solidarity and we are sticking together"

Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants Unite, Demand Accountability from HUD
WGN Channel 9 - December 11, 2006
This was the action that launched the Illinois Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, expressing the demands of over 10 tenant councils from both public and subsidized complexes around the city and marking the first major action in the ongoing collaboration between the Coalition to Protect Public Housing and STOP.

Protesting Tenants Angry about Living Conditions - (For Video Click Here)
NBC5 Chicago - October 2nd, 2006
On international housing rights day the Washington Scene Tenants Association and other members and allies of STOP took the fight for the human right to decent housing to the doors of one of Chicago's most notorious slumlords - East Lake Management.

Chicago Tenants Rise Up
Fight Back News - United States - December 2006
An article from 2006 about three important actions by STOP that fell within days of each other.

No More Condos - Woodlawn Community Resists Gentrification
ABC Channel 7 - Summer 2006
The first STOP appearance on television, this news report features our action protesting the roll-out of the LISC/McCarthur-funded New Communities Program and its exclusive vision for development and planning of Chicago neighborhoods. This protest took aim in particular at Woodlawn's plan, which was created by The Woodlawn Organization, the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation and the University of Chicago with only token community input and no solid committment to preservation or expansion of low-income housing.

Black and Brown Unite and Fight - STOP Contingent on Imm