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Alternatives to Juvenile Detention

September 24, 2012 Leave a Comment

Check out this video FLY created.

This video explains how the County is planning on closing the juvenile detention center. The County currently spends $2.5M each year locking up youth from Woodlawn and surrounding areas. The video explores what youth in Woodlawn are getting locked up for, what programs are out there for our youth, and our vision for how the money currently being spent locking up youth could be reinvested to help these youth reach their full potential.

Also check out the briefing about the juvenile arrests in Woodlawn, Woodlawn gangs and youth programs, and our vision for how to better serve youth who are getting locked up.

We are building a campaign pushing for the county to reinvestment into community based alternatives to detention. We need your support, ideas and energy!!!

Please contact us more information on how you can help at:
773 309 1869 audyhomcampaign@gmail.com  www.facebook/audyhome


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