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Mental Health Movement Speaks Out Against New Cuts

October 31, 2017 Leave a Comment

Today the advocates for the City Mental Health Clinics held a press conference before the Department of Public Health Budget Hearing to call for investment in Mental Health, not cuts. Rahm Emanuel's Budget continues to cut mental health: between the corporate fund and CDBG the budget calls for cutting around $370,000 from the mental health clinics, therapists and other critical staff will be cut.

Diane Adams is member of STOP and the Mental Health Movement and a consumer of Mental Health services at the City’s Engelwood Mental Health Clinic, today Ms. Adams spoke out on how: “We are loosing therapists and other critical staff. We still don’t have a full time psychiatrist at my clinic, they don’t advertise the services and instead have cut programs like van service. All this is happening when gun violence is at historic highs. I lost my son to gun violence and the City clinics helped me cope, I know what its like to loose your child, these services are critical, now more than ever we should be investing in them, not cutting them.”

Since Rahm Emanuel has taken office the City has gone from 12 to 5 mental health clinics. The Mental Health Movement works with consumers of mental health services and allies to advocate for investment in the City mental health clinics. The Mental Health Movement protested the closure of 6 clinics in 2012 and has continued to call for investment in the remaining clinics and re-opening closed clinics.



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