Housing Justice

The Housing Justice Program works with tenants in multi-family subsidized housing to preserve, improve and maintain their homes and build the movement for the human right to housing.

The Housing Justice Program works with three subsidized housing tenant councils: the Kimbark Tenants Association, Lake Park East Tenants Association and the Parkways Tenant Council.

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History of Housing Justice

Halted the displacement of 100 families - In December of 2004, tenants of a 100 unit subsidized housing complex were illegally told to move out because their buildings – located in a rapidly gentrifying part of the neighborhood - were being converted into condominiums. We worked with tenants to organize a tenants association, which enforced their right to stay and pressured owners to make long neglected repairs.

PREVENTED ELIMINATION OF HALF OF NEIGHBORHOOD SUBSIDIZED HOUSING - In 2006 failed housing inspections threatened Grove Parc with foreclosure and the displacement of all of its 500 low income and working class black families. We worked with Grove Parc residents to organize a tenants association that stopped the threatened foreclosure of thier homes and brought in a new owner and manger that has committed to preseving all subsidized units, giving tenants the right of return, and empowering tenants to make decisions about management and redevelopment plans.

PRESSURED SLUMLORD TO SELL TO NEW OWNERS - From 2010 through 2012 we supported a tenant council in neglected subsidized housing in pressuring their landlord to make repairs and ultimately to sell to new owners. The new owners are committed to preservation and hiring residents to make repairs.  

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