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Trauma Center Campaign Gaining Momentum

[ June 17, 2015 | 0 comments ]
This past year the Trauma Care Coalition was successful in pressuring the University of Chicago to raise the age limit of their children's trauma center from 16 to 18. But trauma doesn't stop at 18 and so our fight continues.

The first week of June the Trauma Care Coalition held a powerful week of action which included a sit in at the University of Chicago Administration building, rallies, marches and a die-it at the University Alumni Weekend.

Check out press coverage of the week of action below:
91.5 FM WBEZ -  The Guardian - Chicago Sun-Times - WGN-TV

The 9 protesters who sat in, included community leaders, students and alumni. They were demanding a meeting with University of Chicago President Zimmer who, after 5 years, has yet to meet with leaders of the campaign. Instead after two and a half hours of the sit-in the University called the fire department to ax through drywall, break windows, and saw through doors in order to arrest the protestors. The University had the protestors detained for 45 hours and charged them with trespassing, mob action and resisting arrest.

The University's attempt to remove and silence protest has had only emboldened our campaign. Hundreds of community members, faith leaders, students, alumni and others have mobilized into action to draw attention to the lack of a south side trauma center and the need for the University to address this issues to full fill its responsibility and show that it values black life.

To stay up to date and get involved please sign the petition: http://tinyurl.com/nffqsg3

We are gaining momentum! We will win! #traumacenternow Read the full story »
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Mental Health Caucus Part 2

Mental Health Caucus Part 2: Consumers, advocates and supporters: We need all of you to come! Share your needs to help plan our future for the CDPH mental health clinics!
Saturday June 20, 1-4pm at First Unitarian Church 5650 S. Woodlawn Ave.

What are your needs? Would a clinic in your community help? What services do you need to help you heal: social worker, nurse, drug assistance, housing, etc.

Join the facebook event to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/part2

This is a follow up to the Mental Health Caucus Part 1: https://www.facebook.com/part1.
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Grove Parc Wins MOA: Jobs, 1-1 Replacement, and Input in Redevelopment

[ April 5, 2015 | 0 comments ]
The Grove Parc Tenants Association, a member group of STOP, won a historic victory in getting the owners of their complex, Preservation of Affordable Housing, to sign a legally binding Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) around the $250M redevelopment of their housing complex.

The MOA lays out a commitment for: 1-1 replacement of all 504 subsidized units, 30% hiring of Grove Parc and neighborhood residents for all jobs created through the redevelopment and input in redevelopment planning.

This agreement is over 10 years in the making and represents what is possible when tenants come together to fight for their homes and communities.

In 2007 the owners of Grove Parc and HUD were prepared to foreclose on the property and displace all of the residents. Today thanks to the hard fought organizing of Grove Parc residents and allies their homes are being redeveloped and the residents have the right to return and benefit from the jobs being created by the development. Read the full story »