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This Winter We Turned up the Heat!

[ November 27, 2018 | 0 comments ]

On November 12 the CBA Coalition marched with over 100 people to stop displacement and demand a CBA Ordinance, 2 people were arrested after they engaged in civil disobedience, shutting down the University of Chicago construction site.

We got great news coverage, see here: https://chicago.suntimes.com/CBAprotest

During the City Budget Fight the Mental Health Movement along with the Community Wellness Coalition held a powerful rally at City Hall demanding investment in Mental Health and the re-opening of closed public clinics. 

STOP has also recently joined with the Chicago Housing Initiative, the Shriver Center, and others to sue the City of Chicago for intentionally segregating the city in violation of the Fair Housing Act. 
Read more about the lawsuit here: https://www.chicagotribune.com/fairhousinglawsuit
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STOP Leadership Retreat 2017

[ December 8, 2017 | 0 comments ]
In November an intergenerational group of seventeen STOP leaders went on a retreat to the Highlander Center, Birmingham, and Jackson Mississippi.

At Highlander in Tennessee we did personal reflections, workshops on systems of oppression and direct action, we did skits on our vision for our future, and began a process to set organizational values. We visited the Civil Rights Monument inBirmingham and walked the march route of the Children’s Crusade. We also met with Cooperation Jackson in Mississippi: an organization that is building Black worker owned cooperative businesses and that is part of a movement that has elected a progressive mayor.

Diane Adams, from the Mental Health Movement and a Board Member of STOP explained, “to meet with the lady from Cooperative Jackson, that really got me, what they are doing, how they got that mayor in, if they can do that, then STOP can do that too.”

Kyana Butler STOP’s Youth Organizer, noted that “the connections with the youth that I made will be something that I will hold on to through the rest of my organizing journey.”

Janet Wilson, STOP’s Housing Organizer, “loved the skit part because we got to act out what we are fighting for”.

And for Devondrick Jeffers, also a STOP Housing Organizer, “the highlight of the retreat was being able to lay the groundwork for establishing organizational values with input from each of our member groups.

We didn't just work though, we also had some fun too we ate good soul food, chased some chickens, made bonfires and s'mores and built community. The retreat was a transformative experience and we look forward to building on the relationships made down in Jackson and with each other as we continue to connect and grow our struggles.
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CBA Campaign Update

The Community Benefits Agreement Campaign for the Obama Presidential Center is heating up. We held a March earlier this month with over 150 people. Over a dozen STOP Youth from Hyde Park Academy joined us for what was their first march ever.  We took to the streets and got our message out: “What Do We Want? CBA! When Do We Want It? Now!”

Stay tuned because the Obama Foundation will try to push their plan through the City Plan Commission soon and we will be mobilizing to demand that nothing is passed without a CBA.
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